squishy supper

January 5, 2009 at 7:55 pm | Posted in exercise, food, organization | 2 Comments

i’ve cracked the key to working out in the evenings AND having quick meals ready for me when i want them. today i got home with 15 minutes to spare before amazing race came on (season 1! phil looks so young). i cut an acorn squash in half and scooped out the insides. then i lined a cake pan with foil, put a couple centimeters of water in and put the squash, cut sides down on the foil and into the oven at 375. i threw a melange of rice (some black, some brown/wild mix) with water in the rice cooker and headed down for my workout. an hour later, after some okay time on the bike, crunches, squats and military presses, my squash was perfectly tender and the rice was done. i added some crasins to the rice and then filled the squash cups half full of rice mix, put some goat cheese crumbles on top, piled more rice on top and added some sliced almonds and sea salt over everything with a drizzle of olive oil. i put everything back in the oven while i showered and changed. brilliant! and tasty. the cayenne sprinkle on top really made it.




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  1. The new camera is a. HUGE, improvement.

  2. it is awesome! i wish i knew how to use it better so it could fulfill its true destiny.

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