there is a little macbook shaped hole in my life

January 11, 2009 at 7:56 am | Posted in food, hobbies, organization, plans | Leave a comment

i had to drop off my beloved laptop at the apple store yesterday for a minor repair. they said it would take about two days, which i guess in the grand scheme of things isn’t THAT bad compared to a lot of such services, but i am still very sad without it. working on a windows desktop eats away at my soul (faster than usual, since i am forced to do this at work on a regular basis)
the fun part of my weekend has ended. the boy packed up the car and headed back to waterloo for snowshoeing (he’s borrowing mine because his haven’t arrived yet) and school work. i am hoping to use the time to rest and get myself organized for the week again because that worked SO WELL last sunday. i’ll make a bunch of oatmeal and get together lunches for at least monday and tuesday.
yesterday i cooked up a big pot of butternut squash soup, which is a staple in this household. it’s about the easiest soup i know how to make:
1 butternut squash, peeled and chopped into chunks.
2-3 apples – same as above
1L of chicken stock
extra water to cover veggies (if you’ve got apple cider, you can substitute that for the water and it will be extra tasty)
sprinkling of dried sage, salt and pepper.
cover pot and let boil for 25-30 minutes.
puree with immersion blender.
EAT, preferably with some nice crusty bread. i had made a batch of the barefoot contessa’s honey white, as seen on seven spoons this week. i made 1 big loaf and 5 big rolls, which we made into turkey and cranberry sandwiches to enjoy with our soup. it was a good, filling winter lunch.

i love making bread and i am trying to get back into it this year. my next project in the works is a little more complex but hopefully super tasty and worth the trouble. oat’s n’ seeds bread from katheats. there’s a new planet organic not too far away from here, and although i’m not a big fan of most of what they carry (almost none of which is local or even certified by any organic board and is also ridiculously expensive), they do have a great bulk section with lots of different flours, grains, seeds, etc.  i’ll be going back for all that stuff, but not for the organic hair care,  fruits and veg, or any of their other supplies. i am not sold on the organic craze.

my current food philosophy is to buy my food as close to the source as possible. this means shopping at the farmer’s market, going to a upick operation for big quantities to preserve, getting what i can from my boyfriend’s parents’ farm and cutting out as many packaged/processed food products as possible and making what i need myself, using whole food ingredients. this year was my first serious foodie year, so the amount of freezing/canning/drying that i did was just an estimate. i’m making notes and i’ll be better prepared next summer when i know exactly how much tomato sauce i consume over the winter. eating local year round is tough in canada. right now the only available local produce are roots and gourds, basically. the salad greens and asparagus are still a few months out. i am enjoying lots of local raspberries and strawberries that have been waiting for me in the freezer.

last night for dessert, i whipped up a quick batch of david lebovitz‘s vanilla frozen yogurt to have after supper with berries. yum! it might be today’s breakfast as well! yogurt’s a breakfasty thing, right?

what’s your food philosophy?


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