weekend roundup

January 18, 2009 at 10:57 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

my weekend ended up involving a whole lot of shoveling. first, on saturday morning, i got rid of the rest of last week’s snow so jon could get his car into the driveway. that was hard work. 51 minutes of shoveling, and i burned 475 calories. my max heart rate was 183 – the only time i ever get into the 180s is in a race situation. then saturday evening it started to snow and snow. and snow. sunday morning we had plans to leave the house early to go snowshoeing, but shoveling took TWO of us (one of whom is a master snow flinging machine) an hour plus to get the driveway cleared.

how much snow we gotthis doesn’t really give you a good enough idea of how much snow there was. those snow piles are taller than i am. i’d say they’re about 6 or 7 feet tall. i have no idea what i’m going to do with all of this week’s snow, when i’m alone and without my snow flinger with his lacrosse-style moves. we then had to shovel again right before we left the house. then we shoveled at the grandparents’ house when we got there, and AGAIN at 6:30pm when we got home. there already is enough snow in the driveway now that i know i will need to shovel again in the morning. it is still snowing.

the bread exercise was a success. it is by far the healthiest loaf i’ve ever made. it also looks the most like something you’d buy in some artisinal bakery, not like something i made myself, so i am pretty proud of it. i forgot to take a picture of it until after i’d already cut a slice for sampling 😉

oats'n'seeds bread

the lasagna was nothing to write home about. i did not follow the recipe at all – used it mostly just for guidance. it wasn’t unenjoyable (lasagna is always somewhat yummy) but not super delicious. i will be revisiting later this winter, possibly sticking closer to the original incarnation. i did not get a picture of either lasagna, and somehow there is only two small pieces left, neither of which are particularly photogenic. oh well.

snowshoeing was absolutely fantastic. the trails we went on were gorgeous and conditions today were perfect! i had a great time and burned 800 calories in about 2 hours. i was not cold once, and snow didn’t get into my boots (jon got me some awesome outbound gaiters, kinda like these but nicer). i slid down hills, climbed back up, walked over super narrow wooden bridges, snacked on snow (it’s like a flavourless snocone! crunchy and deliciously refreshing). it was good times.


i am definitely NOT ready for work tomorrow. i have a staff meeting in the afternoon, which i made some yummy martha stewart oatmeal/chocolate chip/cranberry cookies for. my coworkers are very lucky people. hopefully the meeting isn’t forever long. tomorrow might be my dumpling making day (for chinese new year. i’ll document.)

one last thing to report on. another awesome oh she glows contest. i didn’t win the last one, but maybe i have a better chance at this! go check it out. you could with a tasty sampling of lots of yummy food products.

have a great week!



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  1. Hi Haya,

    Great blog! I’m following you here from the comments you leave on *my* blog. 🙂 Love the internet, eh?

    I hope you keep up the blogging, you’ve got a good thing going on here. I love your pictures of food, and I love hearing about *your* Canadian, foodie life.

    I’ll be back soon.

  2. thanks for stopping by! i have updated my blogroll, but i am still trying to recall what all my favorites are.
    take good care and stay warm.

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