late birthday/christmas treats!

January 21, 2009 at 6:56 pm | Posted in exercise, food | 3 Comments

in the middle of a long, swampy day of work, i took a break to have lunch with my favorite “big brother” at the thai/vietnamese/generally asian restaurant across the street from work. my food was yummy, but as is often the case for me at restaurants, i ate way too much! i have a problem of eating everything that’s on my plate, kind of mindlessly. when i’m at home, it’s fine because i will put only exactly what i know i can and should eat. at restaurants, they put what the 170lb guy can eat on the plate. this results in a bit of a tummy ache after! i need to work on this.

i got the last christmas/birthday presents of the season.


giada's kitchenI am really excited about both of these gifts. I have been wanting a torch for a long long time now. You’ll be hopefully seeing lots of use of it, once i get it filled up with some good old flammable butane. There are many creme brûlées in my future.

The cookbook is great because i don’t have too many of my own food cookbooks. I’ve got an ice cream book and a cookie book that are standbys, but for supper dishes, i either have to turn to the web or use one of mom’s old books. I find something pleasurable about flipping through pages with lots of lovely photos of food on glossy paper that is different from browsing my favorite food blogs. I hope many new Italian favorites will find their way into my regular repertoire!

Thanks Duane!

i took today off from exercise (well, i did put in 35 minutes of shoveling in the morning and i walked 3 miles to get between work and the bus station but i am skipping an actual dedicated workout) to just chill, relax from my crazy day of work and do other fun things like catch up on some knitting and reading more alton brown (i’m just here for more food). i’ll be back on the bike tomorrow! the new Numbers in iwork 09 has some excellent templates, one of which is a really cool workout tracker. since i have been manually keeping tabs on what i’ve done each day, i hope to get some good visual data (a pie chart? some bar graphs?) that will keep the nerd in me going!



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  2. I got that Giada book for Christmas! I suggested the mini torch to hubby who scoffed at the idea…men! lol

  3. have you made anything from it yet? i’m debating starting off with the sweet/sticky drumsticks or one of the simple pasta dishes.
    the torch is awesome! i’m surprised a man would scoff at something that blows flames. my boyfriend had endless fun with it after he filled it up with butane for me. i suspect that the brûléed look will be showing up on a lot of the things we eat 😉

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