and another weekend rolls over into another monday

February 1, 2009 at 9:42 pm | Posted in exercise, food | 1 Comment

i can’t believe tomorrow begins another work week! these weekends go by way too quickly, if you ask me. at least this one was satisfying and full.

saturday snowshoeing was a ton of fun, although it was REALLY cold. we hit some new trails we didn’t know about before (the rouge river valley) near the toronto zoo. there were a lot more ups and downs than where we usually go, so my gluteus maximus got a great workout! the more i do it, the more i love snowshoeing. i tried xc skiing last year, and while it was pretty fun, it isn’t really something i want to do all the time. but i could snowshoe multiple times a week, given the opportunity. it feels like a good runners workout, especially when i pick up the pace and snowshoe run. the february edition of runner’s world even had a section on snowshoe races! i don’t know how fun that would be (you’d probably end up on a fairly packed trail if you weren’t in the lead) but it’s pretty neat all the same. here are some highlights:

dsc00113pink cheeks and funky hat


workin’ those glutes


what is under thin ice

saturday also included lots of errands! sams club for groceries (mainly for ingredients for a trail mix you’ll see soon), loblaws (blood oranges are on sale. i’m addicted), canadian tire (butane, for my torch) and kitchen stuff plus (ramekins for the brulee). the morning was a bit of a crazy rush, since we had to be ready for our winter adventure by 1. luckily lunch was quick and ready from the fridge: chicken chowder!

there aren’t pictures of the crème brûlée yet because i haven’t quite perfected the art of the baked custard yet, but i promise they will come. the torch is pretty awesome. we used it today to make our cheese/pita sandwiches nuked in the microwave nice and crispy!

i did absolutely nothing football related today, besides watch last week’s top chef which was kind of football-ey. after 5 loads of laundry, i’m ready to chill out in bed with my new book, a hot water bottle and delightful clean sheets. 5:05 am is right around the bend.

still in the pipes are our belated lunar new year celebration through food, a discussion of my current and future training and some more interesting eats (expect at least one or two more soups this week!) and some words on my general food philosophy. this week is going to be super busy at work, but i am going to try to stay on top of the rest of my life! take good care.

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  1. I’m always so impressed by people who manage to post more than once a week, and who also have busy lives! So, keep it up. It sounds like the blog is inspiring you, which is ideal… when it starts to feel like work, that’s when it’s time to give yourself a rest.

    Also: I love snowshoeing.

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