love was made for me and you

February 15, 2009 at 11:02 am | Posted in food | 1 Comment

yesterday was definitely one of the nicest valentine’s days i’ve ever had. last year i got roses and chocolates, but jon knows me so much better than that.

clockwise from top right: sharkies, in two new (to me) flavours, a sugoi technical fabric neck warmer to wear instead of a scarf on runs and snowshoes, awesome smart wool trail running socks that are gloriously soft and padded (they are a very socially conscious gift)

and the best: two aluminum cups that he made himself in the lab (i’ve been asking for them for at least a year now!) and a third fancy one just for fun. i like to wear it as a hat.
after the awesome dinner i made, which i sadly took no pictures of, but which featured: a roasted pork roast with a sour cherry glaze + accompanying sauce, sweet potato gnocchi and dark chocolate molten cakes with white chocolate raspberry swirl ice cream minus the ginger and compote, for dessert) we watched passchendaele together. it is definitely one of the *best* canadian english films i’ve seen yet! although it is a war movie it has lots of love. i highly recommend it!

today is another beautifully sunshiney day. i’m enjoying a cup of coffee with a new musical discovery that i made from that awesome youtube baby video:

Coeur de Pirate is infectiously bouncy and fills my love for all things french. check it out!

i’m making minestrone for lunch. we’ll have leftovers for supper.


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  1. Those are pretty sweet V-day gifts. And it’s awesome to know that your significant other knows what you REALLY love.

    Also, where on EARTH do you get the time to cook these amazing, complicated dishes? Wowza.

    I wore my last SmartWool socks until there were holes in the heels, and then I kept wearing them until I realized it wasn’t comfortable anymore. My, how I loved those SmartWool socks.

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