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oh boy! this one was a doozy. the fun started on friday night with a change in plans because someone locked themselves out of their apartment and the roommate who may have been able to let him back in was unreachable and had left town without notice. nevertheless, i was obviously happy to have my boy early, and for an extra night! he had enough clothes and stuff here to get through the weekend, and i have a spare set of apartment keys that i sent him home with.

saturday was full of cleaning. we got a head start on spring. the house sparkles now and somehow i mentally feel much more fantastic. i don’t function that well in mess; it kind of stresses me out. and the house was pretty disarrayed. some avant and après shots:

ok that’s enough. we were exhausted from our long day of cleaning, so we curled up on the couch with the cookies that you might be able to spot in the after kitchen shot (martha’s oatmeal raisin but made with choclate chips and skor bits. raisins are for losers. no i’m kidding. but chocolate and toffee are better) and the top 99 things on the internet.
we started sunday morning off early with a 90 minute ride on our bike trainers along with pineapple express, which is an extremely ridiculous movie.

after showers, we drove about an hour east to meet up with jon’s grandparents for lunch at a fish & chips place. the restaurant was closed so we decided to follow them to some other place. after we saw them drive off, we realized that the car keys had become non-functional (we had two different ones and neither of them would turn, with no amount of jiggling or turning). it was extremely stressful to be stranded in this little town with no phones and no way to contact the grandparents. luckily we had CAA+, who we called for a tow. and because i said prayers over lunch to all forces of power, even murphy, just after we got back to the car from the payphone where we called CAA, miraculously, the key turned and the car started! hallelujah!

a long walk with the crazy dog and some pumpkin pie soothed awayall the stress! we weren’t even bothered by sunday evening rush hour traffic home.
i whipped up a quick soup (kath’s sweet potato/coconut/kale soup) and with that, the weekend was over.
i’ve got leftovers in the fridge for lunch, the dishwasher is full and set to run in 2 hours, i have almost all clean clothes and a brand new bus pass (hopefully the last i’ll have to buy, as spring bike riding should be around the corner). i guess i’m ready for all the new week has to offer!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Don’t you love it when life throws a wrench in the cogs. All of a sudden plans change and we have to think on our feet.

    The food sounds delicious, as usual!

    I can’t WAIT for spring bike riding. Oh my goodness. I can almost taste it.

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