and we’re off

July 30, 2009 at 5:09 am | Posted in food | 1 Comment

holiday until tuesday! jon and i are making an escape to the cottage and his parents’ farm for a few delightful days of relaxation and deliciousness and playing with horses and kitties (plus hiking, biking, canoeing, etc). there’s no internet there, but you’ll hear from me soon after!


back to reality

July 25, 2009 at 8:13 am | Posted in food, hobbies | 3 Comments

so last weekend, i went camping. seems the last time jon and i actually camped was in 2007, when we rented a tandem and biked from waterloo to the elora gorge, which was a pretty crazy adventure in itself. this outing was much less hardcore.

1) we had the enormous tent (it is crazy easy to set up, but doesn’t exactly fit in a bob trailer on the back of a bike


2) we had not one but two stoves to make supper on. a real backpacking stove and a table top coleman.


we boiled the pasta water on the dragonfly and cooked the sausages on the coleman. someone (probably me) forgot to pack salt for our pasta water, so instead we had the brilliant idea to dump in the contents of a few hammer endurolytes, which are basically salt tabs. well. that didn’t work out so well. in fact, it was kind of gross.


endurolytes don’t dissolve all that well.

we went to bed early so we could wake up and get to the bike race early. well. there was a pretty steady pitter patter of raindrops on our tent in the morning and that slowed things down a bunch. additionally, the triathlon whose T1 was in the middle of the road we were on made us even later. we hustled and jon started his race with only a short warmup.


he had a good race and podiumed for the second time this season (third if you count the team effort at the 24 hour race). goooo singlespeed!


(next time i’ll remember to pack a clean, dry jersey to wear for awards after, just in case!) check out the cutie with the truck on the right.

after the race, i hung out at the feedzone to give bottles to our other racing friend and we checked out some neat stuff at the race site.


check that baby out. it’s like a unicycle with a giant wheel, plus some help with balance. no drivetrain. looks like it’d be fun to ride, but maybe also a little scary!

back to work this week. 3 more days and i have a mini five day holiday when we plan to spend some time at the cottage and on the farm. it’ll be a good getaway.

on thursday, i scored 10lbs of sweet and sour cherries (5 of each) which i pitted all of for future projects. 1/2 a cup of the sweet ones have gone into a loaf of chocolate zucchini bread (which was only a minor success. i wouldn’t say it was really that delicious). the rest are in the fridge, waiting for me. what will their fate be? probably a bunch of dehydrating, since dried cherries are awesome in everything. maybe some more jam? (i promise an upcoming jam post some time) maybe a slab pie even.

life really is like a bowl of cherries. mostly sweet, some sour, generally delicious!

a walk in the woods

July 18, 2009 at 5:41 am | Posted in plans, Uncategorized | 1 Comment

camping today! stories to come. it’s supposed to rain a little bit where we’re going, but hopefully things don’t get too muddy! the sunshine is out now.

i do have bill bryson’s a walk in the woods to keep me occupied while the boys preride tomorrow’s race course. seemed appropriate.

bad blogger!

July 7, 2009 at 7:31 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

so. it’s july!! who knew? june flew by in a blur of crazy. but i’m back, baby.

quick summary: colorado trip (what a beautiful state!), an out of town wedding, parents visiting, strawberry picking, jammin’ v. 2009 (so far i’ve got strhubarberry vanilla, strawberry balsamic black pepper preserves, strawberry lemon basil jam, and black raspbarberry). i got a ticket to the healthy living summit, which i am super excited about. i haven’t been to boston in ages!

my running hasn’t been totally solid (mostly due to silly weather and also busy-ness) but i’m getting back in the game. i did a speed workout today which was combined with a bike ride, brick style. i may have been roped into a 10km race in august. i generally hate 10km races but we’ll see how it goes. it’s supposedly downhill.

i didn’t get to watch the michael jackson memorial today, but my ipod has been playing all mj all the time for the last week and a half and i am loving it. i am dancing around the city, rediscovering old forgotten favorites (smooth criminal, billie jean) and finding new loves (girlfriend). he lives on.
happy tuesday!

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