bad blogger!

July 7, 2009 at 7:31 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

so. it’s july!! who knew? june flew by in a blur of crazy. but i’m back, baby.

quick summary: colorado trip (what a beautiful state!), an out of town wedding, parents visiting, strawberry picking, jammin’ v. 2009 (so far i’ve got strhubarberry vanilla, strawberry balsamic black pepper preserves, strawberry lemon basil jam, and black raspbarberry). i got a ticket to the healthy living summit, which i am super excited about. i haven’t been to boston in ages!

my running hasn’t been totally solid (mostly due to silly weather and also busy-ness) but i’m getting back in the game. i did a speed workout today which was combined with a bike ride, brick style. i may have been roped into a 10km race in august. i generally hate 10km races but we’ll see how it goes. it’s supposedly downhill.

i didn’t get to watch the michael jackson memorial today, but my ipod has been playing all mj all the time for the last week and a half and i am loving it. i am dancing around the city, rediscovering old forgotten favorites (smooth criminal, billie jean) and finding new loves (girlfriend). he lives on.
happy tuesday!

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  1. Hey Haya!

    (Writing that always cracks me up a little.)

    That picture is awesome… what a beautiful landscape. Also, I love your bike tee shirt! Where did you procure it?

    Yay for strawberries! I’m going to a U-Pick this afternoon. The berries are just amazing. They look like little jewels! And taste so fine. You should do a post about your strawberry preserves. The balsamic/black pepper one sounds cool! I don’t know if I’d actually like the flavor… but you never know. Maybe I should try the combo myself!

    Glad you’re back…

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