i’m a 26 year old canadian  girl learning how to survive in the grownup world of responsibility.  haya is pronounced like maya, but with an ‘h’. french people make that h silent but i like to hear it.

i’m a runner with one marathon and three halfs under my belt. this year i am going to focus on getting faster. in the offseason, i can be found on my bike trainer, snowshoeing through the woods or on skates. canadian winters make for interesting cross training opportunities. dsc02451

i also really love food. baking is definitely the most fun part of food preparation for me. i am still working on appreciating certain vegetables (brussel sprouts seem very grown up, but i can’t really handle them yet) – having a steady supply of delicious farm fresh stuff definitely helps!

i try and live my life as greenly as possible. i bike or take transit almost every where i go. my lack of a driver’s license also makes it impossible for me to ever be in a single occupancy vehicle! in the summer, i eat as locally as i can (living north of 44 makes it hard to do this all year round – i don’t know if my body would love an all-potato diet for 5 months). i try to make as much of what i eat myself to cut excess packaging etc. it’s a constant work in progress. i’ve been doing a lot of green reading. michael pollan’s “second nature” was one of my favorites. i’m really looking forward to “harvest for hope” cowritten by jane goodall that is in the mail.

in 2008, i started experimenting with food preservation. i did jams and various other fruit preserves, apple and pear sauces and butters, salsa, spaghetti sauce, as well as an array of dried fruits (apples, pears, peaches, raspberries, grapes) and veggies (mostly just tomatoes). i prepared a bunch of produce for the freezer (peppers, strawberries, raspberries and other wild berries i picked) and jarred up lots of red peppers that i roasted myself. my cold store is proof that i could survive an apocalypse.

my world is filled with excellent people who all help shape me. i have a partner, in life and in crime, who challenges me in ways i never imagined. i am so lucky to have him around. although we are currently in a semi-long distance relationship (he lives about an hour and a half away from me, while he finishes his masters),  i still get to see him quite a bit – almost every weekend! i am looking forward to his finishing up with school and being able to live together again.



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