moooooovin’ on up!

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hey kids. so i’ve relocated! you can find me at: hope you’ll join me there.


stop being such a fool!

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it’s a bad idea to watch episodes of Lost right before you’re going on a plane trip.

i went for a tempo/longish run the other day, because i have a 10km race coming up (aug 29) and i really need to get in gear, since i took a few weeks off. anyway, i had my hrm on and it was giving me really weird readouts. i could not get it to go above 100 even though i was running really hard! i was getting readouts between 60 and 80. first i thought maybe it was broken. then maybe there was a digit that was just not showing up. finally, about 5 miles in, i realized i had accidentally changed the setting to % of max instead of hr. silly!

i’m super super looking forward to boston. when registration opened up back in june, i didn’t allow myself to get to excited up because there was a pretty high chance that i wouldn’t get to go. even after i managed to get an entry ticket, plane tickets were still kind of ridiculous, so it wasn’t looking too likely. it wasn’t until air canada sent me an email with a seat sale that it really became a reality. then i made my hotel bookings and things seemed much more concrete. now that the day is almost here, it seems kind of crazy to be going on a weekend plane trip, by myself, to hang out with 120+ “strangers” but i can’t wait! i love exploring new cities, and even though boston isn’t new to me, i’ve never been there on my own. i’m almost all packed. still have a load of last minute (well. not that last minute i guess! i’m not leaving till early friday morning) laundry. all my lists are made. i even have a tentative itinerary for activities to do pre and post summit. you can follow me on twitter for all the excitement. i promise loads of pictures and potentially many silly stories. if you’re going to be at the summit, well, i’ll see you there!!

a walk in the woods

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camping today! stories to come. it’s supposed to rain a little bit where we’re going, but hopefully things don’t get too muddy! the sunshine is out now.

i do have bill bryson’s a walk in the woods to keep me occupied while the boys preride tomorrow’s race course. seemed appropriate.

bad blogger!

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so. it’s july!! who knew? june flew by in a blur of crazy. but i’m back, baby.

quick summary: colorado trip (what a beautiful state!), an out of town wedding, parents visiting, strawberry picking, jammin’ v. 2009 (so far i’ve got strhubarberry vanilla, strawberry balsamic black pepper preserves, strawberry lemon basil jam, and black raspbarberry). i got a ticket to the healthy living summit, which i am super excited about. i haven’t been to boston in ages!

my running hasn’t been totally solid (mostly due to silly weather and also busy-ness) but i’m getting back in the game. i did a speed workout today which was combined with a bike ride, brick style. i may have been roped into a 10km race in august. i generally hate 10km races but we’ll see how it goes. it’s supposedly downhill.

i didn’t get to watch the michael jackson memorial today, but my ipod has been playing all mj all the time for the last week and a half and i am loving it. i am dancing around the city, rediscovering old forgotten favorites (smooth criminal, billie jean) and finding new loves (girlfriend). he lives on.
happy tuesday!

live, from golden in the windy saddle café

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blogging has been pretty poor lately (no post in over two weeks? WEAK! i should have my license taken away) but i’ve been busy. quick photo recap, more stories to come.

DSC00519.jpg DSC00532.JPG Picture 12.png

a week and a half ago, i ran the first half marathon of the season, in ottawa. it was ok. the first 2/3 were awesome and i was fast! and then the sun started to make me wilt and i couldn’t drink enough fluids. the last 5km were brutal and i didn’t make my goal or even beat my last year’s time. i am fine with that – this wasn’t an important race for me, it was more of just a “get things started” kind of day and a test to see where i’m at and what i need to work on more. that would be: running in heat, drinking and eating more while i run (somehow when i get to the last few miles, the thought of anything other than cold water is repulsive to me. this is not healthy) and hills. i was a lot better prepared for the hills after last year’s battle on this course. the race is marketed as “flat and fast” but since the majority of the run is along a canal with a big set of locks, there is quite a bit of steady incline as well as a few steeper hills sprinkled around. i ran through everything, which i am happy about, and i beat my last year first split time by over 3 minutes. my whole race was 3-4 minutes slower, which gives you an idea of how much slower my second half was! 14 weeks till my next race. you can bet there will be a lot of speedwork and a lot of hills between now and then!

after a quick week of work, jon and i got on a plane to colorado. the mountains are breath-taking. so far we have hiked, gone white water rafting (!), and explored golden. i have also gotten to visit several nearby former mining towns, gone on 3 glorious runs, had a fabulous lunch at a super upscale hotel in denver and played tourist.


at the top of our hike on table mountain. behind us is the town of golden, home to Coors.


the raging creek we rafted in. class V rapids = scary and fun! i didn’t get thrown off the raft, luckily. i did have to pull a big guy that did go overboard back in.

DSC00600.JPG DSC00596.JPG

some of the beautiful colorado flowers. i have seed packets to take home, hopefully i am not hassled at the airport 😉

off to shop for a few souvenirs before our big day in denver!


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i was almost relieved that monday came after crazy weekend #3. i need a weekend from my weekends and although work is as far from relaxing as possible, it was a welcome change.

the boy and our houseguest arrived really late on friday night after going to see a fellow cyclists’ band play (i sadly had to miss this because i was in the wrong city). i woke up early for my weekly long run. 16km was the plan. the forecast said it wouldn’t start raining until “late morning.” i left the house at 7:30 and figured i’d be safe. i briefly considered taking my cellphone and decided against it.

8km in, at the halfway point, the sky opened up! i did my turn around and RAN. like the wind. i was seriously flying. and getting seriously wet. there’s nothing like thunder and lightening to kick your ass and make you faster. at the 13km mark, 3km away from home, i saw a familiar car pull over and stop for me. even though i didn’t really tell him where i was going to be, jon came and found me. i felt warm and fuzzy inside, even though i was cold and wet on the outside. it was a really good run anyway though. i’m almost sad i didn’t get the last 3km in (but not sad enough to not take my shining armour rescue). my ipod wasn’t as happy, though. i thought that after her first encounter with the h2o last fall (after an accidental trip through the washer that she miraculously survived) that maybe skye (or robin) liked being wet! i hoped for another miracle, but…no deal. i did manage somehow to get my run synced to the nike+ website though, which i am quite pleased at. replacement nano is in the mail, currently on a whirlwind vacation (started off the morning in lantau island, going to disney and checking out the pink dolphins and is currently in anchorage alaska, probably doing some dog sledding. i’m not sure what will be next!) we should be reunited by friday. apparently i manage to epically kill my ipods (first one went through the washer and dryer, then died. second one went swimming in the rain. i should take bets on how this next one will meet its end)

sunday morning was another early one, as we had to leave the house before 7 for jon’s 9:30 am race. someone miscalculated driving distances or maybe just forgot to account for the fact that 7am traffic on sunday morning does not exist, but we got to the conservation park at 7:40. it was chilly! by 10ish, it started to warm up and i enjoyed hanging out in the feedzone in my camping chair, giving jon fresh bottles and cheering him on. even though the course was pretty wet and muddy, he still managed to do awesomely in the single speed category, coming in 2nd out of 21.

Picture 7.png

that’s my boy! i was sad he took off his sweet jersey before the award ceremony. hopefully he’ll get some more podium action later this summer.

jon and i spent the rest of the morning/early afternoon chilling out in the sunshine, watching our friend race (and feeding him) and playing with our other friends’ adorable new puppy. we came home and bbqed, drank beer and ate some homemade ice cream. that’s what good days are made of. i did send my mother an email, but besides that we didn’t really do anything special for mother’s day, since both of our moms were far away. (i have gifts for my mom when she’s here next month). i cut myself a nice bouquet of tulips and other wild flowers from the garden because even though i’m not a mom, i do a lot of mom-like things and i like flowers.

just when i thought work couldn’t get any busier, BAM! insane doesn’t even begin to describe it! plus one of my coworkers is going on his early honeymoon for the next week and a half and my supervisor has been ordered by her doctor to only work from home (she has kind of a high risk pregnancy and the next few weeks are supposedly critical). i have a bunch of new responsibilities and the opportunity to shine. keep your fingers crossed that things don’t go the other way.

the perfect shirt

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it’s in the mail, i’ll be wearing it shortly 😉stupid raisins get out of my cookies

weekend roundup

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my weekend ended up involving a whole lot of shoveling. first, on saturday morning, i got rid of the rest of last week’s snow so jon could get his car into the driveway. that was hard work. 51 minutes of shoveling, and i burned 475 calories. my max heart rate was 183 – the only time i ever get into the 180s is in a race situation. then saturday evening it started to snow and snow. and snow. sunday morning we had plans to leave the house early to go snowshoeing, but shoveling took TWO of us (one of whom is a master snow flinging machine) an hour plus to get the driveway cleared.

how much snow we gotthis doesn’t really give you a good enough idea of how much snow there was. those snow piles are taller than i am. i’d say they’re about 6 or 7 feet tall. i have no idea what i’m going to do with all of this week’s snow, when i’m alone and without my snow flinger with his lacrosse-style moves. we then had to shovel again right before we left the house. then we shoveled at the grandparents’ house when we got there, and AGAIN at 6:30pm when we got home. there already is enough snow in the driveway now that i know i will need to shovel again in the morning. it is still snowing.

the bread exercise was a success. it is by far the healthiest loaf i’ve ever made. it also looks the most like something you’d buy in some artisinal bakery, not like something i made myself, so i am pretty proud of it. i forgot to take a picture of it until after i’d already cut a slice for sampling 😉

oats'n'seeds bread

the lasagna was nothing to write home about. i did not follow the recipe at all – used it mostly just for guidance. it wasn’t unenjoyable (lasagna is always somewhat yummy) but not super delicious. i will be revisiting later this winter, possibly sticking closer to the original incarnation. i did not get a picture of either lasagna, and somehow there is only two small pieces left, neither of which are particularly photogenic. oh well.

snowshoeing was absolutely fantastic. the trails we went on were gorgeous and conditions today were perfect! i had a great time and burned 800 calories in about 2 hours. i was not cold once, and snow didn’t get into my boots (jon got me some awesome outbound gaiters, kinda like these but nicer). i slid down hills, climbed back up, walked over super narrow wooden bridges, snacked on snow (it’s like a flavourless snocone! crunchy and deliciously refreshing). it was good times.


i am definitely NOT ready for work tomorrow. i have a staff meeting in the afternoon, which i made some yummy martha stewart oatmeal/chocolate chip/cranberry cookies for. my coworkers are very lucky people. hopefully the meeting isn’t forever long. tomorrow might be my dumpling making day (for chinese new year. i’ll document.)

one last thing to report on. another awesome oh she glows contest. i didn’t win the last one, but maybe i have a better chance at this! go check it out. you could with a tasty sampling of lots of yummy food products.

have a great week!

awesome contest alert!

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angela from oh she glows is having a giveaway of honest foods products. they make a really interesting line of granola-bar type things. i haven’t tried any myself because they seem to be hard to get in canada, and even ordering online here seems tricky, but i have heard they are yummy! i’m excited about the contest and hope i get the chance to give them a shot.

oh she glows is a great blog covering food, fashion, fitness and fun. angela is training for a half marathon this year – the same one i was planning to run as one of my three but now have to switch for a different one because of bike race scheduling. she’s running for the canadian cancer society, which is a great cause. check it out!

i’m canadian – i can’t not talk about the weather!

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weatheruhhhh excuse me? i don’t like the looks of this! sounds like there is piles more shoveling on the way. lucky for me i can half count shoveling as exercise – when my heart rate is up in the 150s, it’s cardio, alright! that gives me more time to do fun things in the evening because i always shovel first thing in the morning, usually around 5:15, which gives me enough time to get the driveway (or most of it) done if there’s a lot of snow.

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