my random act of kindness

February 12, 2009 at 9:22 pm | Posted in food | Leave a comment

well. i don’t know how much of an “act” it was, but it was kind, i guess and it made me feel good. almost good enough to do this more often! (i’m kidding. i really would like to do this stuff more often, but most of the time, i don’t think about it or i think i have no time. there are loads of excuses. if you have cool ideas, please share)

i found an abandoned bus pass on the floor of the bus on tuesday afternoon. no one was in the area and it had no name or email address on it (another story is how i lost my bus pass at the toronto airport years ago and the guy who found it mailed it back to me! write your name and some contact info on your expensive things!). anyway, if i gave it to the bus driver or put it in the lost and found, no real good would have become of it so i decided to keep it (not for myself, as i already have my own pass) and find someone who needed it, could use it in this difficult economic time, or at least just appreciate a good deed. today i found that person in the form of a middle aged man wearing a tweed jacket. i’ll probably never see him again but i’ll always remember how he smiled and said thanks. i felt warm and fuzzy the whole ride home.

pay it forward didn’t make it big as a movie, but i really liked the concept. someone i sort of know is involved in creating the world’s first social reality game, akoha, where you play it forward. it looks intriguing. you get little good deed missions (like giving someone your favorite book or making someone smile) when you register your deck and play with other people around the world. i haven’t ordered my deck yet, but i’m thinking about it.
would you want to play it forward?

(doing good things results in shiny happy people)

p.s. angela is having another contest! go check it out.


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