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this weekend is supposed to be *gorgeous*! we’ve got a high of 7° today and maybe even up to 10° tomorrow (that’s around 45 and 50 for you fahrenheit folk) with sunshine. do you smell spring? i sure do!

lots of potentially fun stuff on tap. today we are going to the toronto international bicycle show and then later we have tickets to celebrate a birthday at medieval times. i’m hoping to get some new bike shorts (and maybe a jersey or two) from the show, as well as see some really cool stuff (there’s a bmx trick course).

yesterday i got a request from the boyfriend to pack a lunch to take to the show because our food options there will likely be “crappy and expensive.” i take these requests seriously! i’ve got multigrain chiabatas, with home-roasted pesto crusted sliced chicken, roasted red peppers, cheddar and extra pesto, fresh apple chips, citrus segments, and a few of this week’s batch of cookies- martha’s oatmeal raisin (this time i had wheatgerm, so i followed the recipe almost exactly, except for an obvious substitution for the raisins. yesterday i used half chocolate chips, half peanut butter chips left over from christmas baking). i will also pack some fun drinks. i’m sure we’ll be the envy of all our friends, as they have to eat $10 egg salad sandwiches. i would have made lunch for everyone, but we might not even be all together at the show and that many sandwiches would have taken me far too long!

tomorrow is wide open for outdoor fun. we don’t have plans yet, but i feel a good hike might be in order. i hope you are enjoying lovely weather too!


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